Designed to improve the working environment by protecting both workers and the global environment.

Dust collectors that securely trap dust and particles generated in diverse sites such as manufacture of precision equipment and electronic components, foodstuff production, and dental technician work, etc.

Fume collectors trap noxious odors and the smoke generated from welding and laser machining. Mist collectors efficiently trap oil-based and soluble mist generated from mist spraying and machining tasks. Amano environmental system products such as pneumatic powder conveyors to transport raw materials for diverse industries help to achieve low-cost, energy-saving and improve the work site environment.

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Dust Collectors

Small and Midsize General Dry Dust Collectors

Dust Explosion Prevention/Protection Dust Collectors

Fume Dust Collectors

Stainless Body Washable Dust Collectors




PiF Series

Vacuum Cleaners

V-Σ Series

V-SDR Series



Mist Collectors

MR Series

EM-ell Series

MZ Series

EM-SC Series

System (Large Scale) Dust Collectors

WRT Series

PPC Series

SI Series

TFP Series

Filter and Others

VNA Series and Others

PiF Series and Others

PiE, FCN, Mi PiH Series and Others

VF-5 Series and Others

FD-10 Series

WRT, BV, CT and HGD Series

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