About Us

Our history in Malaysia dates back to 1993 when we established Amano Cleantech Malaysia for Environment System Business.
Since the establishment of Amano Malaysia with 100% investment from AMANO Corporation Japan in February 2005,
we have been contributing to Malaysian society with “People & Time” and “People & Environment” concepts.

Car Park system business has been our core business including Car Park Operations with the No.1 installation sites
in Malaysia Car Park Industry. Following Time Information System business, We started Time Recording Product
business in Malaysia in April 2019 as the Official Sole Importer and Distributor of the products in Malaysia.

We always endeavour to provide proactive solutions including after sales service for the best customer satisfaction.
We will continue to strive to make your life and work more comfortable and enriched.

Products & Services

Through “close-to-the-customer” sales operations, Amano will continue its ongoing efforts to adapt to the changing environment with speed and flexibility.


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