Dust Collection System

Our environmental systems contribute to remove hazardous chemical substances, deodorization, improving the work environment and increased productivity. We address the environmental challenges that face the factory management by integrated engineering.With a core of dust collecting technology and pneumatic powder conveying system, Amano provides products which are friendly to both people and environment aiming for environmental preservation and improvement.


VNA Series Standard Type Dust Collector

VNA Series standard models are based on Amano's time proven dust collecting technology. Utilizing our dust collection technology, backed by proven results and our reputation.


PiE-SDN/DN series Pulse Jet Type Intelligent Dust Collector
An ultimate intelligent dust collector that provides stable airflow by controlling motor fun.


EM-30e/EM-15e Oil Mist Collector

Highly concentrated mist particles are collected by consistent operation, which extends the maintenance cycle twice as much


PiF Series auto energy and space saving pulse-jet dust collectors
- Energy saving
- High efficiency motor
- Inverter control improves filter life
- Data logging function


FCN Welding work dust collector with fire control function

- Smoke sensor
- Spark sensor
- Pre-dust box
Are you completely safe from dangerous sparks in the fumes sucked into your system?.
* The function to prevent sparks-sputter from going into the filter box.
* The function to absorb heat to sparks and to prevent ignition.
* Sparks and smoke sensor (option) dust collector automatic shutdown system.


VF-5N Compact General Purpose Dust Collector

Perfect for use with all types of processing machines. Dental work / Processing of jewelry, ornaments, eyeglasses, keys-making, electronic parts And all other types of cutting, polishing, and perforation processes.