Car Parking System

Amano offers reliable and high quality parking management systems by taking advantage of state-of-the-art technology in its product development, system construction, maintenance, and operation management. Amano will fully support parking lot owners through proposal for making more comfortable and efficient parking lots, improving profitability, and effective utilization of idle land spaces.


Auto Pay Station

Amano auto Pay Station brings incredible benefits to the operators of parking lots and garages. Automatic, centralized pay stations (pay-on-foot) placed strategically throughout your facility help optimize resources, reduce pollution, and speed parking patrols through your facility.


Ticket Dispenser

Single slot utilized for both Parking Ticket and Pass Card.The optional Mifare reader can be installed internally.The user-friendly LCD enables faster & easier access control. Anti-pass back and validity check capabilities prevent un-authorized entry and protect your revenue.


Lag Time Reader

The optional Mifare reader can be installed internally.The variety of rate code settings and validity checks enhance security & accuracy of exit control.GT6700 achieves the optimum parking revenue control in conjunction with central pay system.


Barrier Gate

Amano tf-1630kn barrier gate is designed to meet all your parking control needs.The microprocessor-based logic and functionality provide the ultimate in reliability, performance and safety, as well as the flexibility to accommodate four different modes of operation.


Discount Validator

Amano AR-100 discount validator writes in discount information to ticket.

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Car Parking Management Software

AMANO's ExActIT is a powerful platform for an integrated Parking Network. Real time access to up-to-the minute information, plus a diverse range of remote control options, gives you immediate direction over your facility's operation. With ExActIT, you don't just "manage", you are in control.


Automatic Pay Station X-PARC

A complete solution for all market segments. The Automatic Pay Station is
designed to provide automated revenue collection to parking facilities equipped with
the X-Parc parking management system. The Pay-Lane can be used in conjunction
with the Lane controller and cashier stations. It will report revenue and status
related information to the Pay-lane management computer.Payment of parking fees
is facilitated by cash payment in coins and banknotes. In addition,
cashless payment by credit cards or national cash cards can be provided.
By standard, parking tickets are identified by means of an advanced barcode scanner.


Entry/Exit Lane Terminal X-PARC

Designed for Parking control at the entrance and exits of parking facilities ranging from
small car parks to large multi-site installations. The X-Lane provides all functions such
as ticket dispensing, ticket verifying and card reading, as are required in a car park
environment. The Lane Controller provides a modular hardware and software platform
and can be configured to meet any requirements as might be encountered in current
car park environment. By standard, advanced barcode technology is used for identification
of short term parking tickets as well as season passes.


Barrier Gate X-PARC

Enter a new era of Parking Access Control with the XP1203 barrier gate.


Fee Computer X-PARC

The combination of the Fee Computer, Validator, Fee Indicator, Cash Drawer & Thermic Receipt Printer
gives a total concept for the parking payment activities.